Recommended solicitors in North London

It is important to make sure you use a firm of solicitors experience in the area of leasehold enfranchisement - if a claim is made and the notice is deemed to be invalid it could be extremely costly not only because of the lost time and the additional fees payable but because a claim for a lease extension where the unexpired term was in excess of 80 years with the invalid notice could reduce to below 80 years once a correct notice has been served. 

The solicitors listed below are ones we have worked with on enfranchisement matters and are happy to recommend to our customers.  This list is therefore not intended to be an exhaustive record of all the solicitors experienced in leasehold enfranchisement in North London.


Allan Jay Paine Ltd

273 Green Lanes

Palmers Green

London N13 4XE

tel. 020 8886 1404

Speak to Mandy Bird or Chloë Rodway


Peter Brown & Co 

First Floor Comer House

19 Station Road

New Barnet

Herts EN5 1QJ

tel. 020 8447 3277

Speak to Sue Clark, Mike Waller, John Dresner, Alan Magnus or Anjou Kataria